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Suledo Forest Carbon Project

Name area:Suledo Forest
District:Kiteto District
Landholder:13 villages in and around Suledo Forest
Juridical Status:Village land. Gazette forest land
Size of the project area:167,416 ha (between 64,000 to 100,000 ha of standing forest)
Classification of the ecosystem:Miombo forest
Project status:MOU signed, with first right of refusal to start a Carbon offset project. The next step is to do a carbon pre-scan to determine the carbon offset potential of the project and to develop a PDD (Project Design Document).
Type of carbon project:REDD+, ARR project and possibly a small holder carbon project
Type of Socio-economic project:Honey value chain, Biodiesel value chain, Water valeu chain (for human and animal consumption)
Project duration:30 years
The expected amount of carbon:To be determined (This type of REDD+ projects in Miombo forests, the average carbon yield is between 1.7 and 2.4 tons per ha. With a buffer and risk reduction of 20%)