About us

Nature is vanishing at an unprecedented rate. Globally, one million species are threatened with extinction, and the health of the ecosystems we depend on is deteriorating more rapidly than ever. NRC Int. is a project developer of large-scale ecosystem conservation and restoration projects in East and Southern Africa. NRC In. actively restores nature and biodiversity on a large scale. We do this by replanting native trees, shrubs, and grasses. We also devise ways to bring wildlife back into nature that has been restored. However, in addition to restoring nature and ensuring the return of wildlife, NRC Int. develops business models that create opportunities for the local communities to benefit (financially). Several examples of how nature restoration can be combined with revenue-generating business models follow below:

  • Restoration of savanna areas combined with a controlled rotational grazing management strategy, resulting in healthy grazing areas for livestock and wildlife
  • Planting indigenous trees that produce fruits, nuts or other products that can be periodically harvested and sold
  • Harvesting invasive plant species to produce biomass pellets or fire bricks
  • Organising eco-tourism activities
  • Setting up honey production collectives.

What is of crucial importance is that the restored nature forms the basis of business activities so that the nature which has been restored can be of economic value to the local population. To achieve this, the business activities that have been developed should answer the following question and meet the following criteria: 1. What caused nature to be destroyed in the first place? The business activities should resolve this initial cause. 2. When developing suitable business models, the total value chain should be considered carefully, and the business activities that have been designed should fit perfectly into this value chain.

Core Team

Bastiaan Witvliet
Founder / CEO
foto andre timmer-fotor-20231005131052
Andre Timmer
prof. dr. mr. Leo Witvliet
Co-Founder / Board Member/ Cooperate Organisational / Project Consultant
Moses B
Dr. Moses B.M. Ole-Neselle
Co-Founder / Project Identification / Community Mobilization
sarah scott-fotor-20231009132239
Sarah Scott
ARR Specialist / Investor Relations
Meindert Witvliet
Co-Founder / Project Technical Advisor
Olson Mtui
Executive Assistance

Supervisory Board

Annette McDonald
Annette McDonald
Chair of the Supervisory Board
Gregory Eckersley
Gregory Eckersley
Member of the Supervisory Board
Michael Nutt
Michael Nutt
Member of the Supervisory Board

Our Values

Ecosystem conservation and restoration should go hand in hand with the socio-economic development of local communities in addressing the drivers of degradation and deforestation.

Local landowners are the primary stewards of their land and they should be active participants involved in project development.

The revenues from conservation and restoration activities should be distributed fairly. Local landowners are the main beneficiaries.

There is a long-term commitment to our projects and to all our stakeholders.

Our projects should be economically and financially viable and that all stakeholders should mutually benefit. As a social enterprise, NRC Intl. can unlock this economic and financial value and create a lever for transforming ecosystems.